Doncaster named as one of laziest places in Britain

Doncaster has been named as one of the laziest places in Britain in a new survey.

Wednesday, 5th April 2017, 8:21 am
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 9:28 pm
Levels of inactivity and obesity are among the highest in Britain in Doncaster.

The findings put Doncaster just outside the top ten of the country's least active places, discovering that nearly 30% of the town's residents exercise for less than 30 minutes a week.

The annual report into obesity and related health issues in England found the least active local authority in the country is South Tyneside where 31.5% of people in the area exercise less than half an hour a week.

However, the results also revealed that in Doncaster, which was ranked as the 11th most inactive place, 12% are "fairly active," exercising 30-149 minutes a week while 59% were active for more than 150 minutes a week.

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The report, Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet 2017, found that nationally, 26 per cent of adults were classed as inactive.

This was the case for 27 per cent of women and 24 per cent of men.

The survey found that people who are unemployed for a long time, or have never worked, are most likely to avoid exercise (37 per cent).

Although developed countries are among the healthiest in the world, the obesity epidemic prevalent in these countries contributes to a range of diseases and conditions.

The NHS recommends that you complete 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity to stay healthy each week.

In 2015, 26 per cent of adults ate the recommended 5 or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day.