Doncaster mum’s heartache over Turkish husband’s rejected visa

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A Doncaster mother has spoken of her heartbreak after her Turkish husband was separated from his family when he was refused a UK visa.

Rebecca Güklü, aged 28, who was born in Bentley, lived in Turkey with her husband Serkan for 11 years, but decided to return to the UK to build a better future for their children.

We are both in a mess. The kids miss him, I miss him. It is a stupid reason to say no

The couple believe their two sons Alfie, 10, and Ishmail, eight, will have more opportunities and a better education in England.

Rebecca said: “It got to the point where we sat down and said we need to look at our future. Over there you have to pay for schools and the boys were going to the village school and it wasn’t that good.”

Rebecca travelled back to the UK last March with the boys, while Serkan, 34, applied for a Visa, hoping to be reunited with them in Doncaster.

The family said they waited for months only to be told that Serkan’s visa had been declined and he would not be allowed to join them.

Rebecca claimed that Serkan had made an error when applying for his visa, writing down the dates wrong for when he last held a passport.

His devastated wife said: “The home office have made him out to be a liar. It’s stupid, it’s ridiculous. We are both in a mess. The kids miss him, I miss him. It is a stupid reason to say no.”

Rebecca, who now works as a carer, has even found Serkan a job working in a takeaway restaurant.

She said: “He wants to work. He wanted the children to be able to have a career, he doesn’t want them to be like him.”

The worried mum added her children have been badly affected by not having their father with them.

She said: “Alfie is a the age where he can understand quite a lot and he gets quite upset. His teachers said he can’t focus at school.

“They’ve never been without their father. I’m upset too, I’ve never had to be on my own. It is horrible.”

The couple say they will appeal the Home Office’s decision and will re-apply.

Rebecca said she just wants her family reunited.

“It’s been almost a year without each other. I keep crying,” she added

A Home Office spokesman said:“Each application to enter the UK is considered on its individual merits.

“Decisions are based on the evidence provided and in accordance with the immigration rules. Anyone applying for a visa must declare all relevant information. If not, their application will be refused.”