Doncaster MP's stand against '˜rip-off' rent-to-own firms builds

A Doncaster MP's campaign to tackle the 'rip off prices' charged by rent-to-own stores is gathering pace.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 1:53 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th May 2016, 2:56 pm

Ed Miliband joined forces with South Yorkshire Credit Union in March to help promote their ‘My Living’ showrooms, which sell household goods.

The former Labour leader also pledged to recruit a further 150 members from the Mexborough area to the credit union, where it is based.

Now he is again urging people in Doncaster to be aware of the “high costs of the unnecessary extras” often imposed by rent-to-own stores, such as high street chain Brighthouse – while South Yorkshire Credit Union has unveiled plans for another My Living showroom.

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The Doncaster North MP said: “It’s important people know, here in Doncaster, there is an alternative to rent-to-own stores such as Brighthouse. The South Yorkshire Credit Union, through their My Living showrooms, offer all the same goods – fridges, freezers, settees, TVs, and mobile phones – but at much lower prices.

“Brighthouse, for example, are currently charging £1,560 for a gas cooker – but the same item is only £519 at My Living. Unfortunately many, many people don’t realise there is an alternative and continue to pay rip-off prices.”

Mr Miliband believes rent-to-own stores are enticing customers with cheap weekly repayments and discounts for family members and friends.

However the total price for goods often runs into thousands of pounds over a number of years, and includes service charges and insurance, which he believes are not needed.

He added: “A number of my constituents have told me how they think many rent-to-own stores are failing to make their customers fully aware of how much they will end up paying in total, and the high costs of the unnecessary extras such as service charges and insurance.”

Gary Simpson, Head of Development at South Yorkshire Credit Union, said: “The number of people joining South Yorkshire Credit Union has increased in the weeks since the campaign was launched, so we’re very pleased with the results and with the support we’ve had from Mr Miliband.

“We have plans to open another My Living showroom, our sixth in total, in Scawthorpe in June and will be announcing more details about that in the coming weeks.”

To join the credit union simply call 030 3030 0010 or Click here or pop into the My Living showroom on Main Street in Mexborough.

Visit the My Living website at Click here