Doncaster MPs claimed almost £2k in energy bills

MP Ed Miliband
MP Ed Miliband

MPs representing Doncaster have claimed more than £1,900 in expenses from tax payers to cover the cost of energy bills for their second homes.

A total of 341 out of 650 MPs made expenses claims for heating their second homes, totting up a bill of £200,000 over the last year.

All three of the boroughs MPs, representing Doncaster North, Doncaster Central and the Don Valley claimed.

Doncaster Central MP, Rosie Winterton claimed the most, putting in expenses claims of £1,171.37 for gas and electricity bills during the course of the last year.

The next highest claim was made by Labour leader and Doncaster North MP, Ed Miliband, who claimed £403.59 to cover the cost of electricity bills.

Don Valley MP Caroline Flint is the Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and over the last year has claimed £368.88 in electricity bills for her second home.

A spokesperson for Rosie Winterton, Ed Miliband and Caroline Flint said: “Each Doncaster MP made legitimate claims for their second homes, all of which complied with the rules set by the independent body which monitors MPs expenses.”