Doncaster millionaire diet guru 'fuming' after personal papers flytipped in alleyway

A Doncaster millionaire diet guru says she is ‘absolutely fuming’ after personal letters and papers were dumped in an alleyway after she paid a man £50 to get rid of them legally.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 28th February 2022, 11:11 am

Terri-Ann Nunns, who has appeared on TV and has made a fortune promoting her diet plans, says she will be contacting Doncaster Council to report the man after rubbish taken from her home in Scawthorpe was found dumped in alleyways in Wheatley.

She said: “I’m absolutely fuming - I paid what I thought was someone who removed rubbish correctly.

“I was informed this weekend that it had been dumped somewhere in Wheatley. I’m going to contact the council on Monday and pass on the details of the rubbish removal guy.”

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Terri-Ann Nunns says she is 'absolutely fuming' after personal letters and papers were dumped in an alleyway.

Concerns were raised after piles of rubbish were found in alleyways between Woodhouse Road and Wentworth Road in Wheatley.

Residents contacted Terri after finding her name on letters in amongst the piles of trash.

The Free Press has seen details of a text conversation between Terri-Ann and a man who agreed to remove the ruubish for £50.

In it, he tells her: “I know there's not as much as last time but it still costs me fuel and to get rid of it.”

One resident who found the rubbish said: “It drives me mad as it seems to be a regular thing.”

In 2019, Terri-Ann and her family appeared on Channel 5 reality TV show Rich House, Poor House where two families from the same town from either side of the rich-poor divide swap lives to see how the other half lives.

Terri-Ann makes £1.8million a year as a diet guru and lives in a six-bedroom home

She made her fortune by creating her own diet plan and become an internet sensation, pass on her diet tips which have helped her rake in £500,000 a year.

“People began to ask me how I had lost such a huge amount of weight so I used to sit and handwrite the diet out for them and they would jokingly and say you should charge people for it. Then one day I got it printed on A4 paper and started to charge enough to cover the costs of the print and its just escalated from there,” she said.