Doncaster man recovering after double hand transplant

Surgeons at work during the transplant
Surgeons at work during the transplant

A Doncaster man has become the first person in the country to have a double hand transplant - after an accident at work.

Chris King, aged 57, from Rossington, lost both hands apart from his thumbs in a metal pressing machine at Eaton Lighting, Doncaster, three years ago.

Mr King's hand before the operation

Mr King's hand before the operation

Now, recovering from pioneering surgery, he said he feels 'whole again' and is looking forward to holding a bottle of beer and wearing shirts with real buttons again instead of velcro.

"It's better than a lottery win because you feel whole again," he said.

Mr King, who already has some movement in his new hands, added : "They look absolutely tremendous. They're my hands. They really are my hands. My blood's going through them. My tendons are attached. They're mine. They really are.

"It was just like the hands were made-to-measure.

"I can't wait to get all this (the bandages) off and look at them properly.

"I could shout from the rooftops and celebrate it big-time, which is what I'm going to do."

Mr King underwent his surgery at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, where there are four others on a waiting list for a hand transplant.

He is urging people to sign up to become donors to help others in need.

He said: "There are probably people out there who don't know about this still. They can have something better. We want as many donors as we can.

"Even if you don't have a card, just have the conversation with your family.

"There's no greater gift."

No details of the donor, who also gave his upper limbs, are being released, but his brother issued a family statement.

He said: "Our brother was a kind, caring and considerate person who would have given the shirt off his back to help somebody in need.

"Learning that he had registered as an organ donor made our decision to support him donating so much easier.

"We are pleased that the double hand transplant operation was able to go ahead, and all of our family send our best wishes to the recipient."