Doncaster man jailed for sexually assaulting young mother in her home

A Doncaster man who barged into a young mum's house and sexually assaulted her as her baby lay just metres away has been jailed.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 11th October 2016, 7:12 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 1:33 pm
Emma Campoli has been given a chance to avoid jail
Emma Campoli has been given a chance to avoid jail

During the sentencing at Sheffield Crown Court this morning, the court was told how Paul Brundish walked in to the unlocked home of a 21-year-old woman, a complete stranger, as she was looking after her baby.

On entering the young woman’s property Brundish, of Larchfield Road, Balby, asked her whether she wanted to buy the jacket he was carrying.

He went on to ask her more questions about the jacket; and after learning the woman was home-alone he closed the front door, which opens on to the street, behind him.

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Prosecutor Gordon Stables told Sheffield Crown Court that Brundish, aged 46, then went over to where the woman was sitting on the sofa holding her baby.

Mr Stables said: “He told her that her accent was sexy.

“The defendant told her he had a problem with his leg and started scratching the top of his thigh.

“He brought out a bottle of vodka from his coat pocket and asked her if she wanted him to put some vodka in the baby’s bottle. He told the woman to put the baby on the sofa so they could go upstairs and have sex.”

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The court was told how because the woman was in fear for her baby’s safety and did not want to risk angering Brundish she told him she would need to drop the baby off at her uncle’s house first.

Mr Stables said: “He (Brundish) said ‘you won’t come back’.

“He asked her ‘can I have a kiss before you go’.”

The young woman put the baby in his pram, at which point Brundish grabbed her by her T-shirt and started trying to force kisses on her.

The woman managed to get away and left the house. She then walked to the local shop in search of help where she found her baby’s father, who went back to the property and found Brundish boiling the kettle.

An altercation between the two men ensued, after which Brundish left the scene.

Later that day the couple then reported the incident, which took place on September 18 last year, to the police. Shortly afterwards they saw Brundish in Poundland in Doncaster town centre, and after informing officers of his location he was arrested by police.

Defending, Dan Foster said: “My client accepts that his behaviour must have caused the complainant to feel very frightened and must have had a continuing affect on her life.”

Brundish pleaded guilty to the charge of sexual assault on the first day of the trial earlier this year.

Sentencing Brundish to 25 months in prison, Judge Spragg said: “The woman felt very frightened and was in fear for her baby’s safety.

“She said she felt too afraid to return to her home after this happened.”