Doncaster life coach specialises in career transformation

Sandra Greatorex.
Sandra Greatorex.

A South Yorkshire-based life coach is helping to transform the lives of women over 30 and youngsters starting on their career path.

Having spent many unhappy years at work, Sandra Greatorex decided to make a major transformation and she now draws on her past experiences to help others via her business Butterfly Transformation.

Sandra, aged 52, of Church Lane, Balby, is a specialist in career transformation coaching/mentoring.

For some years now she has provided support to help people get a job when they have been made redundant.

For some this has been an opportunity to change direction in their career and coaching helped them to identify what this would be. She has assisted with improving Curriculum Vitaes and helped many overcome their fear of having an interview.

Sandra’s expertise is facilitating women aged 30-plus to have job satisfaction and feel happier and motivated in the work they do – which will also make them happier, more content in their personal life too.

Sandra takes clients step by step to gain confidence, self-esteem and self-belief to overcome their fear of trying to make a change.

Sandra has personal experience of being in a job that she didn’t enjoy. With determination and motivation she recognised new opportunities through knowing her strengths and weaknesses and learning from her past experiences.

Her career path has taken her from working with young people to working in local communities and with voluntary sector organisations.

Her focus has always been on making a difference to people’s lives and helping them progress through a time of change.

Sandra took control of her career and became a trainer, coach and mentor through her own business Butterfly Transformation Ltd.

She said: “I haven’t always had a clear direction for my career.

“When I was 16-years-old I left school with seven CSEs and was encouraged by my parents to get a job in an office which I didn’t find particularly challenging.

“I got married at the age of 20 and had my first child when I was 23-years-old – this was when I saw an opportunity to think about changing my career.

“After talking to a relative I decided to be a youth worker which I did for 12 years. This opened up a whole new world for me as I had a go at many different things with young people that I hadn’t done when I was younger e.g. canoeing, abseiling, mountain biking. Mountain biking is one of my hobbies today.”

She continued: “I had never considered studying again up until then and in 1992 I attended Leeds Metropolitan University to undertake a diploma in youth and community work and then went on to complete a BA (Hons) in Professional Studies.

“This is when my career moved away from youth work and more to the development of communities and the broad age range of the people within them.”

Sandra had always been passionate about writing a book and her head was swimming with an idea that would help young people.

She said her reason for wanting to write a book was because of the number of young people she had seen struggle deciding what they wanted to do with their lives, and being unable to recognise the qualities they had to offer any employer. And so ‘Your Choice, Your Future’ was born.

Sandra, who is mum to two grown-up children, wrote her book while on holiday for five weeks in Cape Verde. She was inspired by the hot sunny days, peace and calm of the island with the view of the sea.

‘Your Choice, Your Future’ was virtually complete by the time she came home.

With the help of one of her students, 18-year-old Sarah Bradley, the book received illustrations. Sandra explained: “Sarah was taking a year out after finishing her A-levels to decide on her future.

Sarah shared her hidden talent of designing illustrations. Her work was amazing.

“She was provided with a draft copy of ‘Your Choice, Your Future’ to read to help her but also to identify what illustrations she would be able to provide in the book.

“You can see the results of her work in the book.

“Sarah is extremely proud to have a copy of the finished product of her work and to have played a part in the collating of the book.”

n Find out more about Butterfly Transformation Ltd by telephoning Sandra on 07967 205506 or via the website Butterfly Transformation