Doncaster husband and wife duo take on Disney-themed runs

A husband and wife duo have run four different Disney themed races in four successive days, totalling over 48.6 miles.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 5:14 am
A husband and wife, Maria and Sean Rodgers, and one of their running pals Liz Yates, from Doncaster have run four different Disney themed races in four successive days, totalling 48.6 miles.

Maria and Sean Rodgers from Team Manvers and one of their running pals, Liz Yates took on the 2018 Run Disney Dopey challenge.

The challenge saw them sprint their way through four different running challenges earlier this year ; a three mile run, a six mile run, a half marathon and marathon at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Maria, who works as Community Nursery Nurse at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We had talked about it for a couple of years and in February 2017 we booked it and fortunately managed to get places because it sells out fast.

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“It was fantastic to run the races, seeing many different aspects of all the Florida Disney parks.

“Some of the races were behind the scenes and it was great to run underneath the rides as they were carrying out daily tests of the rides.”

The running events, collectively known as the Disney Dopey, is first of its kind that Maria has taken part in but husband Sean - who is a seasoned runner - has previously taken part in the Jurassic and Atlantic challenges and also Ironman UK.

Sean, who works for St Leger Homes, said: “It was a great experience and something I will never forget.

“The races started at 5.30am which meant a 2am breakfast and then drive to the Epcot Centre for the race start but it was worth it. The Florida weather was unusually cold and snowy which suited us.”

Between them, Maria and Sean picked up 12 Disney inspired medals.

Maria’s next running challenge is the London Marathon, in April, where she was chosen for a ballot place.