Doncaster house that featured in TV makeover show Changing Rooms becomes a viral hit - nearly 20 years on

A house that was given a radical new look in TV makeover show Changing Rooms has become a viral web hit - nearly 20 years on.

Monday, 17th July 2017, 4:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:45 am
The room after its makeover. (Photo: BBC).

The property is among more than a dozen designs that featured on the late 90s and early '00's hit BBC show - and the garish and sometimes abstract and crazy colour schemes and designs have been revisited nearly two decades after they were first broadcast to see how they've aged.

Online web news provider BuzzFeed has rounded up some of the worst in an article 13 Changing Rooms Designs That Really Haven't Aged That Well including the Doncaster house - and the list has already been viewed nearly 650,000 times.

The show saw neigbours getting expert designers in to transform friends' homes - with sometimes shocking and hated results.

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BuzzFeed described it as "the dentist's waiting room from hell."

In the piece, BuzzFeed TV editor Scott Bryan refers to the house as a "Tribute to All Things Circular in Doncaster and adds: "A dentist's waiting room from hell. Why would you replace a heater with a glass bowl with a few pebbles in it?"

In the pictures, the property, understood to be at former RAF Lindholme base near Doncaster, the neat and tidy grey and green furnishings are replaced by a wide variety of circular designs - including two silver inflatable rubber rings.

An online description of the show, aired in 2000 says: "Laraine and Stuart live in number 2 and would like a change in their living room.

"In 21, Simon and partner Ian would also like to see their living room changed.

The room before its makeover. (Photo: BBC).

"Anna Ryder Richardson is going for a space odyssey, curvy room in Laraine and Stuart's living room. The paint will be a blue-ish gray and a white cream.

"They have a gas man take out the existing gas fireplace heater. Anna creates a big half circle for one wall, and they will mimic that half circle by cutting half a circle out of the carpet and insert a different color carpet. To finish the look, Anna brings in some rubber rings and will spray them silver."

According to BuzzFeed, Richardson's review was: "I absolutely love it. I like circles" while the owner was quoted as saying: "Am I in the same room? This is amazing."

It is not clear how the room looks 17 years on - or whether the couple still live at the property.

BuzzFeed described it as "the dentist's waiting room from hell."
The room before its makeover. (Photo: BBC).