Doncaster hotel’s hilarious ‘Accidental Partridge’ video goes viral as Alan Partridge returns to TV

A Doncaster hotel’s corporate video has gone viral – after its star was compared to TV comic character Alan Partridge, who returned to TV screens last night.

Tuesday, 26th February 2019, 12:28 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th February 2019, 12:32 pm
Derek Thompson bursts in on two women in towels in the Crown Hotel video. (Photo: YouTube).

The clip of TV racing presenter Derek Thompson promoting Bawtry’s Crown Hotel has been viewed thousands of times – with viewers comparing the sports host’s presentation to that of the blundering TV host, played by Steve Coogan, who returned to BBC One last night with new series This Time.

In the clip, which is thought to date from 2012, Thompson is seen wandering around the hotel - and chatting to a number of female ‘guests’ – including bursting in on two women in a shower in comic fashion.

Derek Thompson bursts in on two women in towels in the Crown Hotel video. (Photo: YouTube).

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Opening the video outside the hotel, he announces: “If you’re racing at Doncaster, this is the place to stay – it’s the Crown Hotel at Bawtry – come inside!”

Once inside, the racing presenter is show mingling with group of women at the bar, announcing: “This is definitely the place to be!”

He sidles up to a woman at the bar and says: “Are you well? I thought you were. I’m gonna have a glass of champagne.”

The Crown Hotel at Bawtry.

The action then moves to the hotel’s restaurant where Thompson is again seen in the company of a group of women and singing the praises of a glass chandelier.

“This is absolutely fantastic,” he tells the camera. “You enjoying this?,” he says to a fellow diner. “Come and enjoy it with us!”

The next scene is shot in one of the hotel’s bedrooms.

TV racing presenter Derek Thompson.

Smiling to the camera, he announces: “This is one of the executive suites and this is the wet bathroom.”

As he swings open the door, two women wrapped only in towels are heard yelping at his appearance and he quickly closes the door shouting: “Oh sorry girls!”

He then moves to a double bed where two more women, dressed in towelling robes are waiting for him.

“There’s something in this hotel bedroom that you’ll never find in any other hotel in Britain,” he announces cheekily as he lounges on the bed alongside the pair, who can be heard giggling, as the clip draws to a close.

Derek Thompson in the Crown Hotel promotional video which has been compared to Alan Partridge. (Photo: YouTube)

The clip, which has been widely shared for years, resurfaced as the comic creation returned to TV screens last night, being dubbed “Accidental Partridge,” a Twitter account which gathers clips of TV presenters acting in a similar fashion to Coogan’s hapless presenter.

Twitter user Lucas Swain? wrote: “Since #AlanPartridge is back on our screens, let's revel in the best #AccidentalPartridge ever courtesy of Derek Thompson.”

The character was first created in 1991 and has starred in shows such as Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge. The Day Today and I'm Alan Partridge as well as the feature film Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.


Alan Partridge has returned to TV in This Time with Alan Partridge.