Doncaster Green Party calls for the return of the popular town centre circular bus service

The little nipper was once a popular way to travel around Doncaster town centre - taking shoppers from the market to the high street.

Wednesday, 18th September 2019, 07:44 am
Kate Needham holding photo of little nipper

However, the bus was stopped and as the market has shrunk over the years, so have the visitor numbers.

Since then, market traders and other businesses have called on several occasions for a similar service to be brought in. Now, thousands have signed a petition set up by local Greens calling for the service to be brought back.

Green Party campaigner, Kate Needham, said: “There are out of town sites and internet shopping to compete with but something needs to be done to stop the closures, support our local traders and improve access for the elderly and those with walking disabilities.”

Kate Needham and Ann Gilbert

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The Green Party is running a petition calling on Doncaster Council to bring back the small single decker buses that used to run a circular service from the bus station to the market across to the Waterdale and back again. Over 1,180 people have signed it so far.

Kate said: “Imagine the boost it would be to our hard-working market traders, having their customers dropped just outside their stall.

“Imagine how it could revitalise the Waterdale where trade has died since the southern bus station was closed. There’s also the potential for people to catch the bus at the station, go see a show at Cast, enjoy a meal and a drink and then be dropped off back at the station.”

“We think the part of the funds available to improve transport links could be put toward a modern, electric-powered bus that will serve the community while helping keep the town centre pollution-free.”

Peter Dale, director of regeneration and environment at the council, said: “We continue to look at the potential for a circular bus route around the town centre and would work closely with bus operators to see if there is sufficient demand to make a service viable.

“Residents and visitors can use the numerous existing bus services to get between different parts of the town centre and we would always encourage people to walk if they can, as that is the best option for our environment. We continue to make improvements to accessibility in the town centre and are encouraging active travel.”