Doncaster General Election count results 2017 - LIVE BLOG - 12.30am update

The scene at this year's count
The scene at this year's count

Turnout figures for all three Doncaster constituencies are now in - with the highest number of people turning out to vote in more than 15 years.


Turnout figures have now come in for all of Doncaster's three constituencies: Doncaster Central, Doncaster North and Don Valley.

In all three, the turnout is the highest it has been for a over a decade - and in two it is the highest since Labour's landslide victory in 1997.

Doncaster Central:

Electorate: 71,718

Number of votes cast: 43,146

The Doncaster North candidates

The Doncaster North candidates

Turnout: 60.16 per cent

In 2015 the turnout was 57.1 per cent. This means the turnout is the highest it has been in 20 years - since the 1997 General Election.

Doncaster North:

Electorate: 73,377

The Don Valley candidates

The Don Valley candidates

Number of votes cast: 42,388

Turnout: 58.57 per cent

The turnout was 55.9 per cent in 2015. This is the highest turnout for the constituency since 2001.

Don Valley

Doncaster Central candidates

Doncaster Central candidates

Electorate: 73,990

Number of votes cast: 46,082

Turnout: 62.28 per cent

Just as with Doncaster Central this year's turnout in Don Valley is the highest since 1997. It's also a few per cent up on 2015 when it was 57.1 per cent.


The first ballot box from the Doncaster School for the Deaf arrived at the Racecourse at 10.07pm, and the final one from Clayton Village Hall arrived at 10.48pm.

The first result is expected to be called between 3am and 5am.

In 2015, around 80 per cent of postal votes were returned, and Returning Officer, Jo Miller, says she is expecting a similar percentage this year.

Here is a reminder of the candidates in Doncaster's three constituencies:

Doncaster Central:

- Alison Brelsford, Liberal Democrat

- Tom Hunt, Conservative

- Eddie Todd, independent

- Chris Whitwood, Yorkshire Party

- Dame Rosie Winterton, Labour

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Doncaster North

- Robert Adamson, Liberal Democrats

- Shade Adoh, Conservative

- David Allen, English Democrat

- Charlie Bridges, Yorkshire Party

- Frank Calladine, independent

- Ed Miliband, Labour

- Kim Parkinson, UK Independence Party

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Don Valley

- Aaron Bell, Conservative

- Caroline Flint, Labour

- Stevie Manion, The Yorkshire Party

- Anthony Smith, Liberal Democrat

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