Doncaster farm has re-homed thousands of animals in a single year

Chickens, roosters, ducks and turkeys are just some of the poultry birds that a farm in Balby have re-homed on their mission to help as many animals as possible.

By Laura Andrew
Tuesday, 14th January 2020, 11:45 am

Rooster Farm and Sanctuary is run by duo Aaron and Jodie Kincaid in Balby.

Aaron said: “We started the farm a year ago after a local sanctuary had to shut down, we wanted to step in.

“We started with just 200 birds but it has bloomed so much now we have thousands.

Aaron with his chickens.

“Chickens are such amazing animals, back in the war everyone had a chicken but it’s fallen out of fashion.”

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Aaron believes that owning chickens can make people self-sufficient and that it is good for Doncaster’s economy.

Running the farm started as a hobby but it has developed into a full-time job.

Rescued kittens on the farm.

“We do it out of a passion for the animals - we make no money from it,” he continued.

“Any money raised goes directly into the farm.

“It can be really tiring, I’ve had days where I have fallen to my knees but it’s all worth it.

Aaron has so far re-homed around 3,000 ex-commercial hens.

Aaron with his chickens.

He said: “It’s amazing to see the smiles on people's faces when we rescue the animals and make them new members to the family.

He has also re-homed 2,000 ex-battery hen chickens, 6,000 roosters, 300 ducks, 95 geese, 4 goats, 6 pigs, and one horse.

They also re-home rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets.

Due to the large numbers of rescues, they have done this year the farm has decided to expand to new land in Armthorpe.

“We never thought it would be this busy - we currently operate on five allotments in Balby but this makes having visitors tricky.

“The new space will mean we can have people over to the farm and teach them about chickens.

If you know of an animal that needs rescuing you can contact them via their Facebook page or donate to Paypal.