Doncaster family support Christmas charity appeal

Kobi Besley, of Doncaster, with mum, Katrina and nana, Jane thanking The Sick Children's Trust
Kobi Besley, of Doncaster, with mum, Katrina and nana, Jane thanking The Sick Children's Trust

The family of a baby who has a serious heart condition are raising money for the charity who helped to support him.

At just seven-weeks-old Kobi Besley, of Doncaster, became seriously ill and was diagnosed with multiple heart conditions, which led to him spending his first Christmas in hospital.

The Sick Children’s Trust has supported Kobi’s family since his diagnosis and as a thank you, they have joined in The Sick Children’s Trust’s first ever Christmas appeal.

Kobi’s mum Katrina said: “Kobi went from taking 24oz of feed to just 9oz in a day and although, at first, we thought it was just very bad wind, we took him to our doctors’ surgery just in case.

“Rather than telling us not to worry and sending us home, the doctor called ahead to Doncaster Royal Infirmary and told them we were coming in.

“The doctor found a large heart murmur and all too quickly my baby was wired up to machines, under constant observation and being fed through a tube directly into his stomach.

“We knew Kobi had holes in his heart. This would be the first of many hospital stays and lasted just under two weeks.

“Just weeks later, he crashed for the first time. Kobi needed to be intubated, but the risk was high. If they intubated him his heart might not cope, but if they didn’t try he would die. Thankfully he stabilised enough to be transferred to the specialist Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

“We hadn’t thought about where we could all stay, then we learnt about The Sick Children’s Trust

“We were given a room in Magnolia House, a free home from home run by charity, only a few steps from where Kobi was being looked after.”

The Sick Children’s Trust is a national charity which supports around 4,000 families every year. The charity relies entirely on voluntary donations to keep its ten ‘homes from home’ running.

The rooms provide vital support to families with children undergoing lifesaving treatment in hospital.

This Christmas it expects that every room in every house will be full with families, caring for some of the UK’s sickest children.

Katrina said: “To be so close to my baby meant everything – I was able to leave his side for a few hours, knowing that if anything changed I could be back with him in a matter of minutes. And it was comfortable too. “

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