Doncaster diet guru launches a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle plan, making weight loss easy

New V Plan, launched by diet guru Terri-Ann Nunns and dietician Ro Huntriss, makes meat-free living and weight loss easy

By The Newsroom
Monday, 7th January 2019, 10:27 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 11:02 am
Doncaster diet guru Terri-Ann Nunns
Doncaster diet guru Terri-Ann Nunns

Record numbers of participants have signed up for Veganuary this year - the plan is the perfect place to start for meal inspiration and advice and guidanc.e

Around 56 percent of Brits aged 16-29 have tried a vegan diet in the last 12 months.

Doncaster diet guru Terri-Ann Nunns

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However, the majority ditched their new habits after an average of just three and a half months '“ with almost a third (28%) saying a plant-based diet is '˜too difficult' to follow.

Spotting a gap in the market, self-made-millionaire weight loss guru, and mum of four from Doncaster, Terri- Ann Nunns, has teamed up with vegetarian dietician, Ro Huntriss, to help those wanting to embrace more meat-free options, whilst shredding the pounds.

The vegan and vegetarian diet plan is the first of its kind and provides families with cheap recipes and practical steps to adopting and maintaining meat-free habits. The Terri-Ann V Plan is designed to help the UK enjoy a tasty vegetarian, vegan or simply reduced meat lifestyle, without worrying about, overloading on carbs, piling on the pounds or struggling for meal inspiration.

Designed to work as an easy to use lifestyle guide for everyone, the Terri-Ann V Plan aims to educate and inspire people to think about making more plant-based dietary choices. The plan promotes health benefits, balanced nutrition and sustainable weight loss guidance '“ making it perfect for anyone looking to set a New Years resolution to become more healthy or environmentally friendly!

Terri Ann Nunns, founder of the, comments of the new launch: 'Ro and I have worked together for years, her knowledge is hugely impressive and she really gets my vision when it comes to creating usable plans that help people shed weight without complications. I have a 77 thousand strong membership base and they all have one thing in common '“ they have struggled for years with weight loss and have found diet plans hard to stick to in the long run.

'When Ro and I saw that people were also struggling to stick to meat-free alternatives, we saw an opportunity to help people find an easy solution '“ and so the V Plan was born. Having already started to use it myself, I've got to say, even as a massive lover of meat '“ switching to more meat-free alternatives has never felt so easy!'

Ro Huntriss, clinical dietician and expert nutritionist added: 'I've watched Terri-Ann's success story unfold and have found her ability to turn her own experiences and passion into a hugely successful business totally inspirational. When she approached me to work with her on her existing diet plan we just hit it off and really shared a lot of the same visions.

'As a vegetarian, being able to deliver a product like the Terri Ann V Plan to market has been a dream come true. I'm so excited to see how this transforms lives. Eating less meat is amazing, not only does it help the environment and animal welfare, the health benefits are unbelievable and it's such a cheap and easy lifestyle when you get the basics right. Add all of this to the fact that you can transform how you look and feel and this plan really is set to revolutionise how we eat in 2019 and hopefully beyond.'

Those looking to embrace a vegan or vegetarian weight-loss plan can purchase the Terri-Ann V Plan for £17.95 via the  website.