Doncaster dad spots '˜sunken' plane off coast of Scotland on Google Earth

A Doncaster dad has found what appears to be a submerged plane off the coast of Scotland on Google Earth.Â

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 07 November, 2018, 13:13

Eagle-eyed Robert Morton spotted what looks like an aircraft under the ocean near Edinburgh while perusing the mapping website.

Mr Morton, 55 and a father of three, discovered the pin sharp image and described the chance discovery as 'incredible and very strange' to news website Mirror Online.

'It looks like it is underwater,' he told the website.

But he conceded that it's more likely to be a glitch that occurred when a Google satellite snapped the image as a plane flew by.

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The submerged plane is less than nine miles from Edinburgh Airport.

'I have never heard of any aircraft crashing leaving Edinburgh or that area,' Mr Morton said.

'I know the picture of the plane isn't really in the water, it's probably the satellite looking down on it through thin cloud giving it that appearance.'