Doncaster Councillors vote through pay rise

Doncaster's politicians have voted themselves through a pay rise.

Friday, 16th June 2017, 8:08 am
Updated Wednesday, 21st June 2017, 2:21 pm
Doncaster Council's Civic Building
Doncaster Council's Civic Building

The full meeting of Doncaster Council has given the green light to an increase for all councillors in terms of the cash they get for attending meetings, ward work, and work on cabinet and committees. It includes all expenses they run-up.

It is backdated to April, when the financial year started, and has been set inline with the rises which have been awarded to local goverment workers..

It means mayor Ros Jones would be eligible for a salary of £49,454.45 after an across the board rise of one per cent for the councillors and the mayor - but she only accepts half that amount.

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Following the increase, the basic allowance, paid to all councillors, rises from £12,241.20 to £12,363.61

Deputy mayor Coun Glyn Jones' pay goes up from £15,301.50 to £15,454.52; and cabinet members see their allowances rise from £12,241.20 to £12,363.61, on top of their basic allowances.

The chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee will see their money for the role rise from £12,241.20 to £12,363.61; while the councillors who chair the planning, audit and licensing committees will see their pay go up from £6,120.60 to £6,181.81.

Scott Fawcus, the council's assistant director of legal and democratic services, said: “All local authorities are required by law to agree an allowance scheme for elected members and this must be approved by full council and must take account of any recommendations of the Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP).

"Allowances received by councillors allow them to carry out their council duties, including any travel and other expenses, including all the costs involved in carrying out their casework on behalf of residents.

"In accordance with the agreed scheme, allowances are subject to an annual adjustment. The index used for this annual adjustment is the National Joint Council for Local Government Services pay award which is also applicable to council staff. Since the last review of allowances was carried out in 2013, Councillors have received minimal increases below the rate of inflation.

"Councillors were simply asked whether or not they chose to accept the independently recommended one per cent increase on allowances.”

The pay received by the senior politicians is lower than the salaries of top officers at the council.

Top earner is chief executive Jo Miller, who earns £149,000 spot salary.

Other big earners are Damian Allen, the director of learning and opportunities, children and young people, on £120,000; director of public health Rupert Suckling on £91,000 plus £8,871 clinical excellence award; director of finance and corporate services Simon Wiles on £96,000, director of regeneration and environment Peter Dale on £120,000; and Patrick Birch, temporary director of improvement – adults, health and wellbeing on £110,000.

Director of finance, Mr Wiles, said: “Levels and requirements at senior management level are continually reviewed along with the rest of the council’s transformation. Since 2011, there has been a 33 per cent reduction in salary costs and posts at Head of Service level (third tier) and above.”