Doncaster Council to send officer on China business trip led by city region mayor Dan Jarvis

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Doncaster Council will send an officer on a trade delegation to China as part of a wider South Yorkshire team.

The borough's elected mayor Ros Jones said the council will be represented in a team of 10-15 people led by Sheffield City Region mayor Dan Jarvis when they fly to Dalian in October.

The team is also expected to include officials from Sheffield's two universities, businesses and other South Yorkshire councils and will be part of a wider Northern Powerhouse delegation from Tees Valley, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Doncaster's involvement is expected to build on educational links between the chamber of commerce and the Chinese city and to encourage inward investment into the borough.

Sheffield City Region’s trade and investment plan commits the SCR to 'increasing trade and investment opportunities with high growth markets such as China'.

It's understood China has become an increasingly important market for the SCR for both trade and investment purposes.

There is a significant amount of Chinese activity already happening across different parts of South Yorkshire This includes both Dalian via Doncaster Council and Chamber of Commerce building educational links and Sheffield through the twinning relationship with Chengdu.

Mayor Jones said the trip is being funded by the Sheffield City Region and it was a chance to show off Doncaster to potential investors as 'Brexit looms closer'

She said: "We'll be having an officer go along with Mayor Dan Jarvis as the go to an international trade convention in Dalian in China.

"Sending an officer who has already made contact with Dalian will help cement our relationship and show what we can offer. It's about ensuring that they see what great investments are here with the massive opportunities that can be achieved here long term.

"They'll be actually showing what great opportunities there are here.

"My strategy here in Doncaster is to spend local wherever possible and also assist all the companies out there because it's about international trade and inward investment."