Doncaster Council receives £190,000 to tackle anit-social behaviour and to support domestic abuse victims

Doncaster Council has received grant funding to aid police with tackling crime
Doncaster Council has received grant funding to aid police with tackling crime

Doncaster Council has received over £190,000 to support domestic abuse victims and to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The money is coming from the South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner office to fund initiatives and projects agreed by council partnerships.

Around £122,000 will be directed towards a 'domestic abuse workforce development post' and new projects to tackle anti-social behaviour, diversion of young people from serious and organised crime.

Some of this grant includes £15,000 on additional street lighting cameras, around £10,000 to police in Doncaster to target the use of illegal off road motorcycling, including the purchase of additional off-road motorcycle and associated equipment and a further £8,000 for body cameras to increase evidence gathering potential for ASB cases.

The PPC has also agreed a £69,000 grant can be used for the purpose of funding three domestic abuse caseworkers who will provide information, advice and support to adult victims who are assessed as being at 'low or medium risk of harm due to violence or abuse'.

Last year the domestic abuse caseworkers supported over 2000 people and an extra 480 who were deemed 'high risk'.

Bill Hotchkiss, an officer working in the adults health and wellbeing team said: " Utilising the additional funding would enable continuity of existing domestic abuse services, maintaining the ability to take referrals and continuing to meet the demands from all referral agencies within Doncaster

"Utilising the larger community safety grant would enable the Safer Stronger Doncaster Partnership to continue to tackle the key priorities identified within the community safety strategy.

"The four key priorities being protecting vulnerable people, reducing anti-social behaviour, crime and re-offending, reducing substance and alcohol misuse and the associated effects, and tackling serious and organised crime."