Doncaster Council put up bus lane cameras along these roads and more are coming

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Doncaster Council has installed automatic number-plate recognition cameras along three town centre bus lanes.

The cameras, which will operate 24/7, are set to go live in September along Waterdale, North Bridge Road and Cleveland Street. Anyone caught will be handed a £60 fine reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.

All fines collated by the council are ring-fenced and have to be spent on highway improvements.

But Doncaster Council officers won't reveal how much it's costing them and the figure they expect to rake in each year. The figures are redacted and say they are 'commercially sensitive'.

The three roads are already designated bus gates but they are not enforced by cameras. Council bosses have had to rely on the police and 'voluntary driver compliance' in order to catch culprits.

Council bosses added 'further locations' will be 'phased in at a later date'.

A combination of drivers misusing the bus lanes, budget concerns and pressure from Government to 'take action' on 'high levels' of emissions' has led to the decision.

The council also claim the cameras will encourage sustainable travel such cycling and more people taking the bus.

A report shows a 2016 survey confirmed 'widespread abuse' of bus gates in Doncaster and the new enforcement measures will allow 'bus operators to better run their services'.

The council is also under pressure from the Government's Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs due to emission levels on certain routes coming into the town centre.

Carolina Borgstrom, an officer working within the regeneration and environment team, said: "Failure to deliver the project would continue the ongoing a budget pressure. Surveys have shown a substantial level of misuse of bus lanes in Doncaster.

"Failure to implement enforcement may impact on initiatives to promote benefits of public transport and safe cycling, which are both essential to meet national air quality targets.

"Doncaster Council is currently under scrutiny and pressure from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to take action on high levels of emission on some incoming routes to Doncaster town centre.

"Introduction of bus lane enforcement compliment the bus priority measures currently deployed within Doncaster to encourage sustainable travel and contribute towards improving bus reliability and journey times on key routes. It also ensures the traffic flow in these area remains low to allow safe use by cyclists."