Doncaster Council announce series of price increases and decreases in these car parks

Doncaster Council has revealed a number of price increases and decreases across several car parks across the borough.

By George Torr
Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 4:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 4:25 pm
Doncaster Council has unveiled changes to parking prices coming into effect on April 1
Doncaster Council has unveiled changes to parking prices coming into effect on April 1

The car parking changes are included in Mayor Ros Jones’ budget proposals for the coming financial year. 

The council is forecasting an £18 million budget gap for the 2019/2020 while using around £3 million in reserves.  

Parking in Colonnades is set to rise from £1.30 an hour £1.50 with all day tickets going up from £5 to £5.50. 

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Spaces on Thorne Road close to Doncaster Royal Infirmary are set to rise from £2.60 to £3.50 for an all-day ticket while one hour on-street parking on Wood Street is increasing to £1.30. 

Parking at the Civic Quarter multi-storey car park is also going up. Tickets of over four hours will cost drivers £6.50. 

But the council has reduced prices for two car parks on Saturdays. All day tickers at Council House and Scarborough House car parks are being reduced from £4 to £2. 

Document also confirmed a price freeze for residential permits for 2019/2020 following a four per cent hike this financial year. 

Cusworth Hall car park prices will also stay the same. 

In a report seen by councillors, Faye Tyas, head of financial management at Doncaster Council, said: “Off street charges increase to charges at Colonnades, Wood Street and Thorne Road Car Parks to bring in line with other local parking.

There will be a significant reduction to charges at Council House and Scarborough House on Saturdays only to increase usage of these car parks. Other fees to remain the same so as not to deter usage. 

On Street Charges proposed will not increase as this would mean more coins used; machines would have to be emptied more often and it would not be cost effective.

“No changes are proposed to Cusworth Hall car park as it continues to be a concern that any increase would discourage visitors and lead to an increase of parking in the village and surrounding roads.”