Doncaster church one of first in country to host same sex marriage

Rainbow flag
Rainbow flag

A forward-thinking Spiritualist church in Doncaster has become the very first in the region to be approved to carry out same sex marriage ceremonies.

It comes following the radical changes in the law which allows gay and lesbian couples to legally marry.

The congregation at Catherine Street National Progressive Spiritualists Church in Doncaster is celebrating as, after fully supporting the legal changes since they were first proposed, it was named as the first church across any denomination in the town to be registered to carry out the ceremony.

Minister Judith Seaman, Deputy Vice President – Spiritual at The Spiritualists National Union (SNU), said: “The SNU is fully supportive of the new legislation around same sex marriages.

“One of our seven founding principles is the ‘Brotherhood of Man’ – the idea that we are all equal and true brotherhood throughout the world will bring equality, security and peace.

“We are encouraging all Spiritualist churches across the UK to apply for same sex marriage registration and we are delighted that same sex couples are now able to celebrate their love in the same way heterosexual couples can.”

The first same sex marriage ceremony is already booked at the Doncaster church and will see Louise Carver and Nicola Hobson make the ultimate commitment to each other in front of friends and family early next year.

Louise said: “We are both delighted that we are able to marry in our church with a congregation that means so much to us and also to be married by someone who has helped us through so much.”

June English, President and Minister at Doncaster Progressive Spiritualist Church, comments: “We are extremely proud to be the first church in Doncaster to be registered as legally able to carry out marriage ceremonies for the same sex couples wishing to make that commitment in our congregation.

“Our congregation has been fully behind the legal changes from the offset and as we are also the first Spiritualist church across the UK to be approved, it really reaffirms our commitment to this important change in the law.”