Doncaster boy has bike stolen by group of youths

A boy from Doncaster has had his bike stolen, after being thrown off it by a group of youths whilst he was on his way home from football training.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 28th August 2018, 1:58 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th August 2018, 4:21 pm
Ben was making his way home from football practice when the incident happened
Ben was making his way home from football practice when the incident happened

Ben Baxter, 13, from Balby was riding his bike near Chequer Road on Thursday August 23 at around 8:30pm, on his way home from football practice with his friend when they decided to call at a shop for a drink.

Whilst outside the shop, the pair were approached by three young lads who asked if they had a cigarette, to which they refused as neither smoke.

Ben with the bike which was stolen

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It is said that three other lads then walked over the road to join the group, and began to shout at Ben and his friend, saying 'give me what you've got'.

Ben's friend then rode off, thinking that Ben was behind him and headed to Doncaster Police station to report the incident.

However, Ben was not behind his friend and had been left with the six youths, who allegedly threw him off his bike and tried to beat him up whilst he was on the floor.

Luckily, Ben managed to run away and dialled 999, who told him to go home and that he would receive a call back from the police.

There have been sightings of the bike in Doncaster town centre and in Balby

The bike, which is lime green in colour, came from a Doncaster cycling club and was a thirteenth birthday present from his father but unfortunately due to bad weather over winter he had not been able to enjoy full use of it.

Ben also rang his mum Debra, who said: "It took police 30 minutes to ring him back, so he rang me in the mean time but they just told him to go home.

"His friend said that when he got to the police station, there was no-one there. We then got a text saying they were aware on the incident, and were dealing with it and would contact us within 48 hours."

Officers have since visited the family, and are trying to determine whether it is a case for the police, or for the criminal investigation department.

Debra added: "Ben normally goes football training on a Thursday, so rides his bike there and back.

"He daren't go out now, he's normally always out he plays football. He's confident but hasn't been out since it's happened. He received no injuries, but it shook him up."

According to Debra, police are now looking at CCTV in the area and there have been sightings of the bike in the town centre and in Balby.

South Yorkshire police said that due to high levels of demand across Doncaster that evening and over the coming bank holiday weekend, which included reports of high-risk missing people and reports of violent crime, no resources were immediately available to deploy to the incident.

If you have information on the incident, or on the whereabouts of the bike call South Yorkshire police on 101 quoting incident number 872 of August 23.