Doncaster band Bang Bang Romeo team up with TV comic Dom Joly for new video

Rising Doncaster music stars Bang Bang Romeo have teamed up with TV comic and prankster Dom Joly for their latest music video.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 18 January, 2019, 19:38

The group's new song, Bag of Bones, was produced by the Trigger Happy TV star and has already won rave reviews from music critics as the band prepare for what is likely to be a huge 2019.

Lead singer Anastasia Walker told how the trio teamed up with the comedy star, best known for his hidden camera stunts and giant mobile phone prank.

Dom Joly and Bang Bang Romeo joined forces for a music video

In an interview with The Independent, she said: 'We knew we were due to shoot the video late last year, but didn't know it was to be with Dom Joly until the week before when we got the call from our label.

'He's just a legend isn't he?

'He walked into the room and we all sort of looked at each other going 'That's f***ing Dom Joly, here to direct OUR music video...' fairly starstruck. 

'He came over, introduced himself with - 'Hi I'm Dom... please, no eye contact' and the ice was instantly broken.

'He let us be us, with no telling us to hold back.  He was a pleasure to work with, hilarious, a proper gent. Him, Matt Campion and ourselves are starting a rock band called Kings Of Neon... you heard it here first.'

She said the new track is 'about finally gaining enough respect for yourself to not accept people treating you any less than you deserve to be treated.' 

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She added: 'Society often tells us that in one way or another,  we're not good enough.

'You're too big - you're too thin - you're not rich enough - we don't accept your sexuality - you're not educated enough - you're not '˜enough''. 

'Bag Of Bones says: No, I'm not just a mere vessel placed on this planet to please and adhere to what you say I should. I'm not a bag of bones, I am so much more.'

The story line of the video shows a young woman returning to the home she grew up in. 

She added: 'She enters her childhood bedroom. She's confronted by an overload of "girly", hyper feminine surroundings that scream the stereotypical 'girls wear pink and play with dollies stereotype.

'Now, as an older woman who's more in touch with her real self and her own identity, she returns home to confront her childhood demons. She's telling her 10-year-old self 'Everything's gonna be okay, you will be '˜accepted' one day and then you'll own it.'

This year promises to the biggest of the band's career so far, with the trio joining music superstar Pink on the European leg of her world tour including two nights at Wembley Stadium as well as a string of other stadiums across Europe.

The band are also due to perform their first concerts in the USA later in the year and debut album A Heartbreakers Guide To The Galaxy will be released on 14 June.