Don Your Way column: Why can't we all be a bit kinder to each other?

Recently, a good friend of mine on Twitter was asking people to contact her with examples of random acts of kindness.

Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 4:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 4:12 pm
Let's try and be kinder to each other.

Now, from a column whose meat and drink seems to be based on anger and ire and the petty squabbles of every day life, you might be forgiven for wondering what I’m doing drifting over to the dark side and talking about good for once in a while.

Last week, you may recall, I was getting het up and hot under the collar about the minor irritants that grind my gears on a daily basis.

But hey, sometimes it’s good to redress the balance and look at the things people out there do to introduce a little bit of zen and calm into our stressed and sometimes crazy worlds.

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So, in a break from the norm, this week’s Don Your Way is devoted to the good things you’ll see your fellow man (or woman) hopefully doing in Doncaster that helps to put a smile on your face.

Queueing at the supermarket checkout with a trolleyfull and noticed the person behind you has only got a basket? Then do your bit and wave them through in front of you.

It doesn’t happen nearly enough as it should do. But when it does, you’ll feel good and the person behind will be grateful you’ve saved them a wait.

How often do you sling your bag on the seat on a train or bus to secure yourself some extra room?

Don’t be selfish - allow others to sit down - and if the vehicle is full and there’s children, expectant mothers or elderly people standing - or indeed anyone who you think is more deserving of a sit down than you, then give up your space.

How often do you check on your neighbour? It doesn’t matter their age, pop round and say hello and perhaps offer to do something for them. If you’re off to the supermarket, offer to get them any bits and bobs they might need.

Or see if they need their grass cutting (although in the current heatwave that’s a job we’ve all been spared).

If one of your Facebook friends posts a status that worries you, it doesn’t do any harm to drop them a private message to ask how they are or if there’s anything you can do to help.

Sometimes, a friendly face is all that’s needed to put a problem to bed.

How often do you thank someone who’s gone that extra mile for you? A card or a small token gift can go a long way to putting a smile on someone’s face - so do it.

I’m always fond of people who let me have the remains of their car parking ticket on exiting the car park. If you’ve spent ages searching for a space, found one and then been presented with a bit of free parking, it can put a real spring in your step.

Whether its strictly legal...

There’s enough hate flying around in this day and age. England’s success at the World Cup has shown we can get along if we want to.

So let’s try and be nice. Until next week’s column at least.