Don Your Way column: Getting fit or giving up '“ are you set for the New Year in Doncaster?

o, how's the head?

Thursday, 27th December 2018, 1:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 8:58 pm
Ready to shake off the hangover and get in shape for 2019?
Ready to shake off the hangover and get in shape for 2019?

If you're reading this, congratulations.

You've survived another year of Christmas. The mince pies have been reduced to crumbs, the crackers have been cleared away and there's every chance you're wondering just how long a turkey can last.

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All that remains now for the last few days of 2018 is to Big Ben bong your way into 2019, watch Jools Holland adding a bit of boogie-woogie piano to everything he can lay his hands on and probably drink enough booze to keep a small brewery in business for several months.

Chances are you've ate, drunk and been merry so much that you can't face the sight of a Quality Street, Terry's Chocolate Orange segment or a pig in blanket for another 12 months.

And of course, at this time of year, attentions, as always, turn to those dreaded New Year Resolutions.

The ones we make every year '“ lose weight, get fit, give up drinking, give up smoking, learn Swahili, hanglide naked off the top of the Empire State Building (is that last one just me?).

Chances are that you'll end up breaking one of them with 2019 just a few days old. I've found from previous years that trying to do any kind of resolution so soon after Christmas is an absolute no-no.

The house is still full of leftover food and booze and getting your system back up and running after the excesses of the festive season is a real slog.

It's still cold and dark, you've got no money and you're back at work while the lucky types are still off.

So why not polish off the rest of that Toblerone or delve into the tub of KP nuts on your own?

'I can always start NEXT Monday,' you'll be saying to yourself in your head.

By the way, why do diets always start on Monday? Is that an unwritten rule of when they have to get under way?

Anyway, whatever your resolutions, the best of luck with them. Chances are as February looms on the horizon, you'll be needing it as your dedication to the cause starts to waver.

I was going to look back on the last twelve months in Doncaster life and on a personal level, but you're already probably more than well aware of the town's ups and downs as well as my own highlights and lowlights (fortunately, the former outweighed the latter for me, but I know not everyone will have been as lucky).

Besides, you've all had your own issues to contend with, no doubt.

But I do have a resolution or two up my sleeve for 2019, so watch this space.

Of course, one of mine is to keep bringing you a sideways look at Doncaster life for the next 12 months.

Join me for the ride. Happy New Year to you all!