Doctors take up new posts

TWO clinicians have been appointed to the senior team at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

In April, Dr Nav Ahluwalia will take on the role of Executive Medical Director and Dr Rudwan Abdul-Al will take up the post of Associate Medical Director.

Dr Ahluwalia currently works at the trust as a consultant psychiatrist in substance misuse based in Rotherham.

Dr Abdul-Al also works at the trust as consultant psychiatrist/lead consultant for older people’s mental health services in North Lincolnshire.

Both will continue with their clinical posts, alongside their new executive roles.

They are working on a phased handover with current medical director Dr Riadh Abed, who will retire in April.

Dr Ahluwalia said: “I am excited about taking up the post of executive medical director for RDaSH. I have had fantastic support from my medical and non-medical colleagues, members of the trust board and from the current medical director, Dr Abed.

“I like to learn about how services run and seeing what staff can teach me, so I will be out and about on a regular basis.”

Dr Abdul-Al added: “This is a new post for the trust and I am delighted to be appointed to it. I am very much looking forward to working with Dr Ahluwalia, other board members and my medical colleagues.”