Divided opinion on plans to build over 240 homes in Thorne

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Residents are divided on plans to build hundreds of new homes in Thorne. 

Plans have been submitted to construction 242 homes on land at either side of Alexandra Street. 

The development also includes a proposal to upgrade the existing length of Lands End Road from Alexandra Street to the site to provide a 6.4m wide carriageway, matching Alexandra Street, and the creation of two metre-wide footways on both sides of the upgraded Lands End Road.

If the application is passed, the council has included a condition for the developer to provide nearly £1.3 million to fund 49 places at Thorne King Edward Primary and 39 places at Trinity Academy. 

The development has the backing of Thorne and Moorends Coun Mark Houlbrook and the town council. Both have some concerns around access. 

But a number of residents have objected to the plans. The application is expected to go before the planning committee for consideration later this year. 

Thorne resident Susan Lee objected to the proposals and raised concerns around traffic. 

She said: "The fact that there is only one road of exit namely Alexander Street makes this estate a ridiculous notion.

“It's bad enough the traffic the flies down here at more than 20 miles per hour but the construction traffic will be a danger to adults and children alike.

“The infrastructure of the road cannot sustain this kind of traffic, I have lived here 40 years and been surrounded by open countryside this will spoil the quality of life for people on my estate the noise and pollution will be unbearable.”

Residents who provided statements said access and highways in the area must be improved before they could formally back the scheme. 

Thorne and Moorends councillor Mark Houlbrook said: "I fully support this application. This area has been identified through the Neighbourhood Plan process and consultation as a future site for housing development.

“Whilst supportive of this application my key concern would be ensure that the access and egress onto this site is considered fully as part of a future highway assessment.

“There have been many community concerns raised previously that the route from King Edward Road on to Alexandra Street provides is a two single point of exit and entry for residents.

“The density of traffic may increase in this area as a result of housing expansion and may create further traffic concerns."