Discord over ‘community gym’ for Crowle

Councillor Paul McCartan
Councillor Paul McCartan

One of the Isle’s town councils is split over a proposed project to develop a ‘community gym’ because of associated costs.

Crowle Town Council lost an opportunity for free gym equipment when it had no premises, but North Lincolnshire Council has repeated the offer.

Costs which would come with the scheme concerned some town councillors, but Coun Julie Reed said: “There are pots of money available and we could fund it through grants with a proper business plan. Money wouldn’t have to come from the precept.”

“It’s not a minor undertaking but there is a request for a gym in Crowle. I think we should work with the health centre and deliver it.”

Town Mayor Paul McCartan agreed there should be further investigation, He said: “There is no harm in having facts before us rather than simply saying no.”

Eight councillors voted against five to look more closely at possibilities.

Coun John Ramsden was strongly against the proposal. He said: “A proper gym needs proper instructors. I don’t think we have the wherewithal to do it.” But Coun Ron Stewart was keen to see the project reach fruition within a year.