Dipping back over a decade to Isle village events

This week's selection of photographs from our archives of over 10 years ago feature more activities from Isle villages.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 22 October, 2018, 21:13
Bob Fish retires from headship at St Martin's Primary School, Owston Ferry

Memorable moments from Owston Ferry and West Butterwick areas are within  this collection.

Primary schools feature, with the retirement of Bob Fish from the headship at St Martin's Primary School, Owston Ferry, 12 years ago, along with their 2006 Christmas drama production '˜It's a Baby'.

West Butterwick Primary School's sports day, 2006

St Martin's pupils are seen with Paul Jacques and Richard Tune that year, as t he men take donated football shirts to Africa, in a car rally.

There's a Lifestyle group presenting a cheque to the Old Smithy, and four motorbike riders who raised cash for children of Chernobyl.

West Butterwick Primary School children are seen in the Tesco Great Schools' Fun Run, and slogging it out in the sack race at their sports day.

Ladies at the St Leger are Debbie O'Toole of Owston Ferry, Karen Readshaw of West Stockwith and Jo Mann and Elaine Cooper of Westwoodside. And b ack in 1998, Miss Sheffield Julie Melvin is at West Butterwick field day with Joe and Jade Saddington.

Football shirts to Africa, 2006


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Lifestyle group present cheque at the Old Smithy
St Martin's Primary School's 'It's a Baby', 2006
Fundraiser for children of Chernobyl, 2006
Ladies' Day at the St Leger 2006
West Butterwick Field Day 1998
Great Schools' Fun Run, West Butterwick Primary