Dino Dean goes into print

DINOSAUR mad Dean Lomax has gone into print for the first time.

The 21-year-old from Balby has written a book about fossils in a seaside town which he used to visit as a child.

The book, which has been published this week, recalls his childhood adventures in Whitby.

Dean said he realised there was a lack of information about the fossils of the area, where he combed the coastline as a youngster.

He toured the area’s museums and private collections to put together his work. The finished product features everything from the most common fossil found in the area - ammonites - to rare finds, including a pterosaur discovered in the 1800s.

The book is available from Doncaster Museum, where Dean is the voluntary palaeontologist and research associate, as well as book shops.

Dean is currently in France where he is running a dig looking for fossils dating back to 56 million years ago.