Dillon the donkey is the star attraction at Crowle Methodist Chapel

Dillon the donkey - star attraction at Crowle Methodist Church carol service.

Dillon he donkey was the star attraction at this year’s annual Christmas carol service at Crowle Methodist Chapel.

He proved to be so popular the 109-year-old church was packed to the rafters with parents and children hoping to catch a glimpse of the four-legged thespian.

Making his star appearance at Crowle Methodist Chapel is Dillon the donkey.

The 16-year-old black donkey really played his part in the service and he was on his best behaviour for his eagerly awaited appearance at the chapel.

His handlers and the congregation were pleased to report that a standby bucket and shovel remained unused throughout the ceremony.

Around 100 people turned up and, for late arrivals, it was a big surprise that it was standing room only.

The special service was conducted by the Rev Duncan MacBean who said: “It’s the first time we have featured a live donkey so we were not sure what to expect but the event proved a huge success. It’s great to see so many young people in church helping to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.” A donation of £50 from the collection is to be sent to The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon to help less fortunate animals. Go to www.epworthbells.co.uk for more pictures.

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