Depressed mum found hanging by her partner

Coroner Nicola Mundy
Coroner Nicola Mundy

A DEVOTED mother who was found hanging following a heated argument with her partner did not intend to kill herself, an inquest concluded.

The court heard that Kelly Margaret Qualter had been concerned that her married partner Miguel Kitchen would end up going back to his wife in the months before her death.

The 32-year-old carer, who had two sons, was also said to be struggling to come to terms with having an abortion a few months earlier and was also missing her mother who had died.

Miss Qualter had a history of depression and told Mr Kitchen she had stopped taking her anti-depressant medication in the days before her death.

An extract read out from a note found at Miss Qualter’s home thought to be in her handwriting to her dad said: “I’ve taken too much, please look after my babies, sorry I couldn’t handle life.”

But coroner Nicola Mundy recorded a verdict of misadventure after hearing how Miss Qualter, of Byron Avenue, Balby, was devoted to her two sons and had committed the act whilst being extremely drunk.

Ms Mundy said the fact that there had been no element of planning and her partner had been in the house at the time supported the verdict.

Ms Mundy added: “I have heard evidence that her children were her life and there is nothing to suggest that she had planned this.”

Doncaster Coroner’s Court heard that on the day of the hanging Miss Qualter sent in excess of 70 text messages to Mr Kitchen and told her friend she was worried he was going back to his wife.

Miss Qualter went round to see her friend Lucy Smith and became increasingly drunk and upset throughout the evening.

Ms Smith said: “Kelly was getting herself into a mess, she was getting really upset about the whole situation.”

Giving evidence Mr Kitchen said he had been in an “on and off” relationship for about 14 months with Miss Qualter.

He told the court he waited for Miss Qualter to return from her friend’s house on the evening of May 6 and she was very drunk when she got back.

The court heard Mr Kitchen and Miss Qualter began having a heated argument during which she lashed out at him ripping his T-shirt,

She then went upstairs and when Mr Kitchen checked on her she was fully clothed lying on the bed but she became verbally abusive so he went back downstairs.

Whilst watching TV he heard two bangs from upstairs and thought she may have bumped into something.

But when he went upstairs a minute or so later to check on her he found her hanging from a curtain rail.

Miss Qualter was taken to Doncaster Royal Infirmary but died five days later due to a brain injury caused by lack of oxygen.

A distraught Mr Kitchen told the inquest: “She thought I was going to end up going back to my wife, it caused a lot of arguments.”

He told the inquest Miss Qualter wanted him to make more of a commitment to her but he had asked for a bit of space.

Giving evidence sister-in-law Jane Holland said she was devoted to her children.

She added: “I can’t understand why she’s done what she’s done, she would’ve never wanted to leave her kids.”

After the hearing Miss Qualter’s family was too upset to speak.