Depressed gran found in canal

A GRANDMOTHER jumped into the canal on the eve of the anniversary of her husband’s death, an inquest heard.

Margaret Naylor, 79, had found it increasingly difficult to deal with the loss of her husband Trevor in 2009 and was worried doctors were not taking her ill health seriously.

Mrs Naylor, a retired school dinner lady of Church Lane Bessacarr, had left a note to her children telling them of her intentions before ordering a taxi to the Boat Inn in Sprotbrough on February 4 last year.

In the note Mrs Naylor apologised to her family, who visited her on a daily basis, and asked them to ensure some money was given to her grandson for his wedding.

Her body was found in the water following a frantic police search after her son Paul raised the alarm when she was not at home on the morning of February 5 .

Her handbag, cigarettes and half a bottle of brandy were found at the canal bank.

The inquest heard Mrs Naylor had been taking anti-depressants in the run up to her death and had told doctors her life was not worth living.

Mrs Naylor had been admitted to hospital with bowel pain in the weeks leading up to her death but was upset when a consultant failed to visit her before she was discharged,

In a report from consultant pathologist Dr Suzanne Rogers she said the cause of death was immersion in water and Mrs Naylor’s heart would have stopped instantly when she hit the cold water.

Coroner Nicola Mundy recorded a verdict that Mrs Naylor took her own life.

She added: “It seems to me that everything became too much for Mrs Naylor. She became increasingly debilitated and that was exasperated by her feeling a lack of medical support and a lack of interest from them.

“I do believe that it was significant that the second anniversary of her husband’s death was approaching as she had never really got over it.”