Denaby deluged in flash flood

Flooding at Station Road in Conisbrough in July.
Flooding at Station Road in Conisbrough in July.

Torrential rain caused flash flooding which yet again left parts of Denaby and Conisbrough under feet of water.

Residents have blamed poor drainage for the flooding on Saturday (August 25), which left parts of Doncaster Road impassable to traffic during the deluge.

Denaby All Saints Church had a lucky escape as a new flood wall completed just days before protected it from the downpour, which started at about 12.30pm..

The heavens opened on Saturday and within an hour residents on Doncaster Road, and Station Road, Conisbrough, were left to bail out their homes. Houses were flooded ad cars left stranded on Tickhill Square and Wheatley Street, Denaby.

Fred Ager, 74, of Tickhill Square, said: There were four houses flooded again - the hairdresser’s still got sandbags outside on Wheatley Street.

The rain just poured down. It flooded the drains straight away, and lifted the manhole covers up. There is still sewage on the road - it stinks.

“A car on Wheatley Street was flooded up to the bottom of the door in water and it broke down. Then someone came to tow it away and that broke down too”.

Warden of All Saints Church, Brian Hincliffe, 65, said: “A wall has been constructed to the south of the building to protect the Church from future flooding, after the last floods in July. As the gutters and fascias at the front of the Church were in very poor condition and they have had to be replaced. We only finished it on Thursday - its a good job we did.

“The torrential rain on Saturday tested the ability of the new wall to protect the Church, happily it withstood the deluge and remained dry.

“All of this is a huge financial burden on such a small Church, but the maintenance and protection of the building are essential and ongoing, so that the Church can continue to serve the community of Denaby Main, now and for generations to come”.