Dearne flood fears allayed for now

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FLOOD warnings are no longer in force for areas affected by the Rivers Dearne and Dove across the Dearne Valley.

The Environment Agency has advised that river levels have stabilised and are beginning to fall slowly.

Swift action taken by Barnsley Council in conjunction with the Environment Agency on Monday, when alerts were issued, has been praised by the beleaguered residents of Low Valley.

Flood warden Pete Bradshaw of Stonyford Road said: “It’s taken five years and a lot of shouting but everythig was done right for us this time.

“We got within four inches of the Dove breaking its banks but the Council had three men out sandbagging and residents were alerted. It was handled well. We had council and EA officials out here until the early hours of Tuesday morning.”

But there was some needless concern in Low Valley when warnings for the Dearne catchment of Denaby and Mexborough were relayed further across the valley when they were not applicable.

Mr Bradshaw added: “People have real anxiety every time it rains. The most common phrase you hear is, ‘we can’t go on living like this’.

“But now we know the authorities will act swiftly on our behalf when there’s flood alerts, we can concentrate on the bigger issue of effective prevention. I’m hoping our MP Michael Dugher will become more involved.”

Wombwell’s Aldham Bridge and Bradbury Balk Lane became unpassable and were closed by police on Monday evening.

Visit for updates on conditions or call 0845 988 1188 to report flooded areas.