Cycle races in South Yorkshire back on

Doncaster Cycle Festival'Boys Under 16  in 2014.
Doncaster Cycle Festival'Boys Under 16 in 2014.

A temporary suspension on cycle races across South Yorkshire has been lifted.

South Yorkshire Police imposed a suspension on cycle races last week following complaints about races in Rotherham and an incident involving cyclists and a combine harvester.

This included the cancellation of a competitive race in Braithwell called Tumby’s Road Race last week. The move also sparked concern for the future of prominent races such as the Doncaster Cycle Festival, Tour de Yorkshire and Sheffield Grand Prix.

But police chiefs have lifted the suspension following a meeting with officials from British Cycling on Friday.

A cycle race will now take place this week at the Braithwell circuit and will be reviewed by police to ensure there are no concerns raised and no safety issues for cyclists and the public.

Following this race and the review, jointly working with British Cycling and council highways officers, future races will then be individually risk assessed and authorised.

A police spokesman said: “South Yorkshire Police wants everyone to be able to enjoy these races, however the Force must also ensure the safety of the cyclists and the public in South Yorkshire is maintained.”

Jonny Clay, British Cycling’s director of cycle sport and membership, added: “The meeting was productive and we are trying to find a solution that works for everyone. Cycling can be an important part of an active lifestyle and we want to increase the opportunities people have to ride their bikes, including the chance to race.

“The decision to give the race at Braithwell the green light is encouraging, but ultimately race organisers and the police need more clarity on the rules around these races, which is a job for the Department for Transport.

“We are working towards a situation where people across the country can take part in high quality racing without putting local police in a difficult position, and placing cycling at the heart of healthy and vibrant communities.”