Customer threatens McDonald’s boycott after seeing homeless woman kicked out of Doncaster restaurant

An angry McDonald’s customer has pledged never to set foot inside one of the firm’s restaurants again after he witnessed a homeless woman being turfed out of a Doncaster branch into freezing cold temperatures.

Tuesday, 5th February 2019, 11:28 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 16:39 pm
The Doncaster McDonald's where the incident took place.

Dan Collins blasted the fast food chain as an ‘absolute disgrace’ after he says he saw a manager at the firm’s branch in St Sepulchre Gate in Doncaster town centre asking a female customer to leave during last week’s wintery spell.

In an angry Facebook post on the firm’s Facebook page, Mr Collins said: “Where is your sense of humanity? I will absolutely not be in any of your restaurants ever again.”

The Doncaster McDonald's where the incident took place.

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Mr Collins said he had popped into the town centre branch before the start of his shift for breakfast.

He said: “Absolute disgrace of a company.

“What an absolute disgrace your Doncaster town centre store is!

“I went in there for breakfast - I think there was three others in. 

“I’d been there 40 minutes before your manager decided to kick the lady out behind me as she was finishing her coffee.

“Why? Because she was homeless! 

“Yes she did look like she was drifting off a bit but as soon as the manager told her to “get out” she instantly responded.

“I jumped up and said that it’s a disgrace.

“Chucking someone out because they are homeless and it’s -5 degrees outside?

“Where is your sense of humanity! The manager then said ‘she does it all the time.’

“Well do you not think she needs help? I will absolutely not be in any of your restaurants ever again.”

A McDonald’s spokesman defended the store’s management team and said that individual branch managers had the discretion of deciding on the length of a customer’s stay and added that safety to other diners was paramount.

The statement said: “We welcome all customers into our restaurants and there is no policy in place which would restrict service to homeless people, or those wishing to purchase food or drink on their behalf.

“The duration of any customer’s stay, regardless of circumstance, is at the discretion of the restaurant’s management team, and any decision made is done so with the intention of providing a safe and welcoming environment for other customers and our people.”