Curvy Doncaster model’s upset after she claims Lord Sugar called her ‘fatty’ in Twitter spat

Elena Raouna
Elena Raouna

Apprentice star Lord Sugar has come under fire - after allegedly calling a Doncaster plus-size model ‘fatty’ on Twitter.

The business boss became embroiled in a war of words on the social media site and also apparently told beauty queen Elena Raouna, 23, to ‘get stuffed’ after the pair exchanged a series of late night tweets.

The spat began when Elena sent the Amstrad chief a cheeky message which read: “Evening sugar ;-) can I call you that? Lol.”
The multi-millionaire business boss, who is currently in the USA, responded by saying “yes no problem as long as I can call you fatty” - sending out the message to his 3.87 million followers in the early hours of this morning.

Elena, who lives at Norton, won the title of Miss British Beauty Curve in 2013 - a contest for plus size girls - and since then she has gone on to forge a modelling and TV career, combining it with managing her parents’ fish and chip shop, Harry’s Fish Bar, at Dunsville.

A later tweet from Lord Sugar told her to “get stuffed” and to “mind your own business.”

The tweets are still visible on Lord Sugar’s official account.

Lord Sugar.

Lord Sugar.

She stormed: “I’m absolutely fuming. How damn rude and disrespectful.

“It was just a friendy tweet to say hi. I was never really expecting a response but I’m a big fan so a simple hello would’ve meant quite a lot.”

Elena, dubbed Miss Fish and Hips for her restaurant job, responded to his ‘fatty’ tweet by saying she preferred the term ‘chubs’ - and then says she was blocked from seeing and following the business guru’s tweets.

“I’m a very friendly outgoing bubbly character who does good for everyone. I actually had a gastric band when I was 21 due to being overweight and have lost four stones since then.”

Former Campsmount School pupil Elena later tweeted: “You know what’s awkward I could take the joke hence why I said ... I prefer chubs but he just blocked me? I was genuinely a fan!!

Fellow Twitter users took to social media to defend Elena who has appeared on ITV quiz show Catchphrase and Channel 4 hit Coach Trip after her modelling success.

She also applied to appear on The Apprentice where Lord Sugar selects budding business hopefuls to work alongside him, but she didn’t make the cut.

The Doncaster Free Press has tweeted Lord Sugar for a repsonse and also contacted his PR spokesman. No one was available for comment.