Cruelly treated South Yorkshire cat had to have ‘almost all of its teeth taken out’

Gwent the cat.
Gwent the cat.

A cat who has endured so much mistreatment she had to have her teeth taken out is in need of a loving home.

Gwent, aged 11, was brought into the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre in February along with 10 others who were all in a poor condition, underweight, suffering from flu and lice infestations. Gwent was one of the worst affected and had to have emergency dental treatment to have most of her teeth taken out as she was in so much pain.

Centre spokesman Adam Spencer said: “Gwent is one of the most nervous of the group and it has taken longer for us to get her ready for adoption. She had treatment for cat flu initially but her teeth and gums were in an awful state too, so she has had dental surgery. She has had almost all her teeth removed so her mouth is no longer painful.

“This sweet older girl has blossomed amazingly in her foster home and she is looking for owners who are willing to continue the work we are doing here at the centre to help continue her progress. We really hope that it won`t take too long to find her a new life - she has been through so much and deserves the best. Any potential adopters need to be aware that she may possibly be a flu carrier and therefore may from time to time have flare ups that require vet treatment to keep her feeling happy.”

Anyone interested can ring the centre on 01142898050.