Crowle crime incidents

TWO males have been arrested by Humberside Police for the theft of diesel in the Crowle area.

Their vehicle was also seized as it was being used in the commission of the crime and an amount of diesel was returned to the complainant.

Meanwhile a female from Crowle has been dealt with according to a complainant’s wishes regarding her behaviour and criminal damage to property in the town centre.

Other incidents in the Axholme North area include a male who has been bailed over the illegal possession of a firearm and live ammunition.

A male and female have been bailed to appear at North Lincolnshire Magistrates Court after being charged with possessing cannabis in relation to two separate incidents in the Crowle area.

Another male has been issued with a fixed penalty notice for possessing cannabis - a Class B controlled drug - as it was his first offence.

And a fourth person is still on police bail for the possession of drugs which have been sent to for a forensic analysis.

Finally a Doncaster male has been reported for traffic offences after being checked in his vehicle, following a report of males hunting with dogs. There was insufficient evidence to support a prosecution for the hunting offence.