Crowle air cadet attends radio skills course

Crowle Air Cadet Charlotte Briscoe.
Crowle Air Cadet Charlotte Briscoe.

A Crowle air cadet recently attended the Radio Technical Skills course run by the South and West Yorkshire Wing Radio Team.

The course teaches cadets basic technical skills useful for the operation and basic maintenance of radio equipment.

The course teaches basic practical skills such as how to wire a plug, use a multi-meter and a soldering iron, as well as building on the principles of transmitters and receivers taught on previous courses and introducing more of the theory behind the operation of radios and electronics generally.

Cadet Charlotte Briscoe, 15, attended the course, and afterwards said: “It was a fun course. I learnt a lot.”

Radio training is just one of the many opportunities Crowle Squadron offers to its members, both cadets and staff.

Air Cadets is a youth organisation open to anyone aged 13-17. It is also open to those over 20 who wish to join as a staff and assist in the running of such activities. If you are interested in finding out more about Air Cadets in Crowle visit us as click here or go down to the Cadet Hut, Axholme Academy site on a Monday or Wednesday evening.