Young yobs blasted as Doncaster park suffers string of half-term vandal attacks

Volunteers at a popular Doncaster park have blasted young yobs after a string of half-term vandal attacks.

Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 5:58 am

Sandall Park has been the scene of a number of incidents in recent days, with thousands of youngsters across Doncaster currently on a two week school holiday.

An angry Facebook post from Friends of Sandall Park said: “As a group we're not looking forward to the school holidays. Two days in and already we've had:

“Two 12 yeard old boys trying to set fire to dead branches in the wooded area. They ignored the warnings about fire risks from a kind person who let us know.

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Sandall Park has been subject to a number of vandal attacks in recent days.

“An off road motorbike and scooter being ridden round the park.

“Three youngsters who were seen throwing a shopping trolley in the lake – the second trolley our volunteers have had to fish out in two days.

“Eight youngsters yesterday trying to destroy the play area (Barnby Dun Road side) – four boys and four girls. They did manage to loosen a piece of fencing which now requires council time and effort to restore it to a safe condition.

“There's no excuse. It's so annoying for our group who have to put right all the damage and littering, not to mention having to report everything so it gets dealt with. All incidents will be reported.

"If you see anyone committing damage please phone the police. Let's keep the park nice for everyone. And thank you to all the people who report all the Anti Social Behaviour and Crime. It does need reporting otherwise the police and council believe everything to be hunky dory.”