Yobs smash down newly installed safety fences alongside Doncaster-Sheffield rail line

Yobs have smashed down newly installed safety fences alongside the main Doncaster-Sheffield railway line.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 28th March 2022, 10:51 am

Vandals have flattened the green, metal railings in recent days – and there are signs of bike tracks, suggesting damage was done to allow quad bikes and off-road bikes to access the area around Levitt Hagg near to the River Don and Dolomite Quarry at Warmsworth.

The damage was discovered by a member of the public who has flagged up the damage to Network Rail.

He said: “Whilst out with my dog I came across the damage to the recently erected metal railway fencing on the Doncaster to Sheffield rail line.

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Fences have been smashed down alongside the Doncaster to Sheffield railway line.

"Thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused, probably by offroad illegal motorbike and quad bike riders whose tracks are clearly visible around the area.

"The fencing has been damaged to gain access through the old tunnel under the railway lines, these illegal bikes have plagued the area for years and still continue nearly every day in the area.”