Warning over unlicensed taxis following Doncaster prosecutions


Doncaster residents are being warned to make sure they only use licensed taxis following the prosecution of an unlicensed driver.

Brothers Michael and John Brailey were taken to court by Doncaster Council after Michael, who is not a licensed taxi driver, was caught driving a cab which was licensed to John.

Doncaster Magistrates Court heard how Michael claimed to be John when he was stopped by council officers and the police.

He was driving a car that was licensed to John’s private hire company - Scobies Travel of Edlington - and was carrying two passengers at the time.

Even though his brother John was a licensed driver and had registered his company with the council, Michael was not legally allowed to operate the cab.

Michael, 53, of Ivanhoe Road, Edlington, pleaded guilty to two offences and was fined £520 with £150 costs as well as six penalty points on his licence.

John, 59, of Kenilworth Road, Balby, pleaded guilty to four offences and received a £1,050 fine, plus £150 costs and six penalty points on his licence.

Doncaster Council chiefs is now warning customers they are putting themselves at risk if they get into an unlicensed taxi as unlicensed drivers don’t have insurance cover to carry passengers.

A spokesman for the authority said: “Private hire vehicles should never stop and pick you up if you haven’t pre-booked, and you should always check the licensing details of any taxi or Hackney carriage before getting in.”

Gill Gillies, assistant director of environment for the council, said: “It is vitally important that everyone makes the most of the licensing schemes that we run for taxi companies, cars and drivers in Doncaster. “Making sure that both the taxi and driver are licensed before you book it is the best way to keeping yourself safe – this recent case unfortunately emphasises that not everyone follows the law.”