Warning over drug laced sweets in Doncaster after four children are hospitalised

Parents and children are being warned of the dangers of drug laced sweets circulating in Doncaster after four children were hospitalised in Surrey after eating jelly chews infused with cannabis.

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 8:31 am

South Yorkshire Police have issued the warning after three boys and a girl aged 12 to 13 were taken to hospital ‘vomiting uncontrollably' after consuming the sweets in Epsom.

And it comes after a raid on a house in Doncaster recovered drugs packaged to look like children’s favourites such as Fanta and Nerds.

Neighbourhood Inspector Rebecca Richardson said: “The packaging of the sweets is made to be attractive to teenagers and youths but the dangers are high.

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Drug laced sweets are circulating in Doncaster.

“No one knows what is inside the sweets and the effects it can have on a child.

“The sweets can lead to anxiety, palpitations, hallucinations and vomiting, often requiring hospital treatment.

“Please keep an eye on what your children are consuming and if you believe suspicious behaviour to be happening in your area, get in touch either via 101, online or your local neighbourhood team.”

Last month, police in Balby seized two men and also a stash of drugs designed to look like popular sweets and drinks.

The sweets look like normal gummy bears or similar treats but are infused with cannabis and cause a similar effect to smoking it.

And in March, Met Police issued an urgent warning to parents after 'several' schoolchildren were rushed to hospital after eating gummy sweets laced with cannabis.

The pupils, from the Sutton area, had to receive urgent treatment after suffering side effects, while officers have warned of others falling ill since then.