Warning over counterfeit £20 notes

RESIDENTS in the Isle of Axholme are being urged to check all £20 notes following reports of a large number of counterfeit notes being used in the last few days.

Humberside Police would in particular like to warn shopkeepers in the area to double check notes handed to them by customers.

This comes after officers were called out on Monday to commercial premises on Cemetery Road, Glebe Road and Everest Road in Scunthorpe which were approached by people who were attempting to purchase items using fraudulent £20 notes.

On this occasion, members of staff at each premises did not take the money and when they challenged the customer they left empty handed.

Detective Inspector Paul Welton said: “It is important that commercial premises in Scunthorpe and the surrounding area check that all £20 notes that are handed to them are not counterfeit.

“It has been reported to police that there are a large number of these notes in circulation in North Lincolnshire and they are very good imitations, that may only be spotted by use of a specialist pen or machine, which I would encourage businesses to use.

“Anyone who may suspect somebody of using these notes are asked to call police on 101 immediately.

“The use of these can be costly to businesses and police want to catch those people responsible as quickly as possible.”