VIDEO: Man hospitalised after buying substance from Doncaster shop

A Doncaster man was admitted to hospital last night after buying an unknown substance from a town centre shop.

Police and Trading Standards raided Heads of Donny on Scot Lane at lunchtime today (Thursday) to ascertain what the substance was.

The store is known to sell items such as E-cigs, pipes and bongs.

Sergeant Mark Gregory said: “We have had a notice of a local man being admitted to hospital last night following the purchase of a substance from this shop.

“We are assisting Doncaster Trading Standards officers who are conducting enquiries at the store under the 1987 Consumer Protection Act and the 2005 Product Safety Regulation, which is their legal obligation.

“Our police presence is purely to assist and make sure there was no breach of the peace.”

No further detail on the condition of the hospitalised man is known at this time.