VIDEO: Conisbrough robbery victim vows to stay put

A lay preacher stabbed by a robber in his own home has vowed to carry on as normal following the terrifying attack.

Trevor Dudhill and wife Rita are determined to get bounce back after the pensioner was left lying in a pool of blood when he was stabbed in the ear in the early morning raid.

Trevor Dudhill, of Conisbrough pictured with wife Rita, is recovering after being stabbed in the head during a robbery in January. Picture: Marie Caley S0558MC

Trevor Dudhill, of Conisbrough pictured with wife Rita, is recovering after being stabbed in the head during a robbery in January. Picture: Marie Caley S0558MC

The 71-year-old has now thanked the community of Conisbrough for their support following the robbery which was first reported in the South Yorkshire Times.

Mr Dudhill, of Honeywell Lane, said: “I’m fine now. The hospital was wonderful, the police were wonderful and my wife was wonderful. I have to say your report coming two days after the event was really helpful. I think the community saw that immediately and responded.

“The support from the community was fantastic.” The St Peter’s Church stalwart said news of the raid had also attracted messages of support from former pupils at Northcliffe School where he taught for more than two deacades.

“The three churches I’m involved in and particularly the ex-students of Northcliffe have been great,” Mr Dudhill added.

“I taught there for 24 years and apparently hundreds of them have been Facebooking all over the country and showing their concern and outrage.

“It’s now been about 10 weeks and I go up into the village every day and I am still met by people who sort of give me a hug and shake my hand and say ‘it shouldn’t have happened to you’.

“The thing is it shouldn’t have happened to anybody.

“But I was lucky with Rita and having a high profile in Conisbrough and people have just prayed for us and sent us good wishes and continue to do so and we’ve been very fortunate living where we do.

“We just go forward from here. There’s no question of us moving or anything like that.”

Mr Dudhill was confronted by his attacker in his kitchen on January 29. The man demanded money and then attacked him with either a knife or a long screwdriver before escaping empty handed.

Mr Dudhill recalled: “I went downstairs to let the cat out.

“When I went to use the kitchen again, there was a man there. He was threatening me with what I think was a knife and he kept shouting ‘have you got any money?’

“I told him I didn’t have any and he shouted ‘I don’t believe you’. I just wanted to get him away.

“I went towards him and he went for me and I fell on to the floor.

“I sensed something was wrong with my head. He ran out of the back door and in a gut reaction I ran after him.

“I don’t know what I would have done if I had caught him.”

Police arrested an 18-year-old man shortly afterwards but he has been released without charge due to insufficient evidence, a force spokesman said.

Mr Dudhill says he feels sorry for his attacker.

He said: “The person who did this was obviously desperate for cash and needs help.”

Since the attack Mr Dudhill and his wife, aged 71, opened the doors of their house to the community for a fundraising coffee morning.

Their granddaughter Elizabeth Fletcher is cycling from London to Paris to raise money for the Parkinson’s Society.

The couple are hoping to raise £1,600 to help her in her efforts.